Strategic Planning



One of the objectives of Strategic Planning Training is Managers know the big picture on the running business unit, managers understand all aspect on business functions across finance, operation, marketing, learning/growth and customer.


  • Managers know the big picture on the running business unit.
  • Managers understand all aspect on business functions across finance, operation, marketing, learning/growth and customer.
  • Managers can align with other dept and creating internal value chain
  • Managers can improve its department performance by executing project improvement plan

Outline Materi

Day 1:  Strategic level and  Helicopter View

  1. Results of research on: Why companies can be successful.(Strategic Planning)
    • From 7s to BSC.
    • The latest research: 7 essentials of high growth companies ( David  G. Thomson)
  2. Results of research on: Why even successful companies could fail.
    • From Billion Dollar Lessons to
    • How the Mighty Fall ( Jim Collins )
  3. Differentiate ( Uniqueness ) or Die(Strategic Planning)
  4. Cs : Company – Customers- Competitors – Changes – Collaboration(Strategic Planning)
  5. Achieving Vision and Mission through Strategy Map  and Balanced Scorecard(Strategic Planning)
  6. Business Model – Source of Revenues(Strategic Planning)
  7. Strategies  for riding a tidal wave  of business  2011 + Cases(Strategic Planning)

Day 2 : Turning Strategy into Execution

Customer Centric for All Manager

  • How customers think
  • Indonesian consumer behaviors
  • 3 segments
  • Strategy for each segment ( Treacy Wieserma )
  • Understanding Marketing Metrics

Internal Process / Operations Management for All Managers

  • Process analysis / Process FlowChart
  • Measuring Process Performance
  • Improving Quality : DMAIC and ServQual
  • Supply Chain Strategy

Leveraging Human Capital for All Managers

  • Memotivasi manager non HR untuk turut memikirkan SDM
  • Internalizing Corporate Culture in each Business Unit

Small Project Management in Business Unit for Continuous Improvement

Project  Initiation

  • Finding gaps : problem OR opportunity
  • Funneling and prioritizing
  • General Aims: Project Objective (what will be achieved by when)
  • Initial Risk(s)
  • Project Deliverables (what will be delivered by when)
  • Shareholder analysis
  • Success Criteria (what will meet or exceed the expectation of each stakeholder)

Deliverable / Output:

  • Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard
  • Pemilihan Marketing Strategy
  • 1-page Strategic Planning ( used in Astra and Triputra )
  • Motivating employees with NON-MONETARY approach
  • Small Project (Revenue Improvement OR Cost Reduction )


Daniel Saputro, MM., MBA.

Daniel Saputro MM.MBA dan Team BusinessBuddy

21 tahun di perbaikan kinerja organisasi

Senior Corporate Consultant  dan Facilitator  MiniMBA di grup besar

  • International: Nuqul Group ( Jordan ) – Banpu (Thailand ) dll
  • Government : Jamsostek –  Bea Cukai – Sekretariat DPR – Jasa Sarana BUMD-  BioFarma – Dept Keuangan – Pertamina – LPP BUMN dll
  • Domestic: Indocement  – Astra – Triputra – Bosowa – Tunas Ridean Group – MusimMas – Capella – CPSSoft – ILP – Darya Varia – Medifarma – Prafa dll
  • Pengajar Bisnis dan Marketing di program S2
  • Kontributor tabloid Kontan, Swa dan Jakarta Post

Platinum Class

Rp 8jt - On The Spot
Rp 8.5jt - Full Fare
calendar_month 27-28 Nov 2023
schedule 09.00 - 17:00
location_on Ayana Midplaza/The Ritz Carlton, Jakarta

*) Hotel masih tentative

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