Training Facilitator Development Program




Trainer or training facilitator is a person who assist learner to be able to understand a material easily. A good trainer needs to master a material to be delivered, capable of delivering a material in the most effective way for learners, and able to make field adjustment to a given training program. Our training facilitator development program is based on this understanding, and carries in a workshop format so that all participant would be able to extensively experienced the facilitating challenge.

Program Outline

Materi training yang akan di bahas topik Training Facilitator Development Program adalah :

  • Systematic approach to training
  • Principle of adult learning
  • The learning unit
  • Preparing a lesson
  • Overview of participatory training methods
  • Essential presentation skills
  • Visual aids
  • Charateristic of a trainer
  • Model lesson plan
  • Preparation check list

Completing this program, participant would be able to

Setelah mengikuti Pelatihan Training Facilitator Development Program ini, peserta diharapkan memiliki pengetahuan untuk:

  • Self manage in conducting a training sequence
  • Deliver training preparation to execution to evaluation in a proper way
  • Elaborate training processess and affecting factors
  • Explain the concept and application of adult learning

Workshop Leader :

Ronald Tedjasasmita, S.E., M.Pd.

Organization management development practitioner, who utilize people management system within business development framework, to systematically up-scale people competenies. Ronald has been in training and people development for over 18 years, operating in non-profit organization to multi-national company, from trainer and coach to corporate HR Head.


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