Developing Training Curriculum & Course Program




The importance of trainer is not arguable. Yet, it is the role of the programmer of training curriculum and training course determined the how a training program would fit to the organization need. This full workshop program is aim for Course Developer to equip them with curriculum building and training program development. Please be noted, this workshop will not be a seminar but a real work workshop. Each participant will need to bring their work case into the class.

Program Outline

Materi training yang akan di bahas topik Developing Training Curriculum & Course Program adalah :

  • Company mapping: culture and value, strategic objective and approach
  • People management system mapping: career & succession management, training & people development stategy.
  • Formulating company objective into training management system
  • Blue-printing managerial and technical competency development
  • Developing training block in lieu to employee grading system or group
  • Prioritizing training program in respect to company strategic objective
  • Building training curriculum based on instructional system technology:
    • Foundation: learning cycle and type, learning taxonomy 2.0, adult learning principles.
    • Application: defining  learning objecteive, setting competence criteria, elaborating competency target, stacking objectives, drafting modules/ program, developing lesson plan, choosing delivery method.
  • Integrating various development intervention into training method: mentoring, coaching, assignment, performance feedback.
  • Managing and administrating document and records
  • Engaging unit leaders into training process: by system and by personal interest

Completing this workshop, participants will be able to

Setelah mengikuti Pelatihan Developing Training Curriculum & Course Program ini, peserta diharapkan memiliki pengetahuan untuk:

  1. Explain the interconnection of learning intervention techniques to people management system
  2. Building a training curriculum in respect to organization structure and objective
  3. Develop training program based on instructional system design approach:
    • Training Evaluation
    • Training Schematic
    • Training Plan
    • Activity Design
  4. Evaluate background thinking and its correlation to a program material

Workshop Leader

Ronald Tedjasasmita, S.E., M.Pd.

Organization management development practitioner, who utilize people management system within business development framework, to systematically up-scale people competenies. Ronald has been in training and people development for over 18 years, operating in non-profit organization to multi-national company, from trainer and coach to corporate HR Head.


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