NLP for Leaders


Neuro – Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of excellence – how people become excellent in what they do.  It comprises a set of mindset beliefs and practical skills that could transform ordinary people to perform extraordinary achievements.

An organization that aspires for excellence in its policy-making and implementation needs, as its first priority, excellent leaders.  Thus the NLP mindset and skills should be part of the repertoire of skills available to government leaders. 

A leader should possess the ability to influence others toward the accomplishment of some worthy goal.  In the modern view of leadership, leaders do not have influence simply because they are called “leaders” or “bosses” or “supreme commander”.  Rather, leaders are people who are committed to creating an organization or a nation where people want to belong.  This commitment demands a special set of models and abilities in order to effectively and ecologically manifest the visions to guide the change.  It involves communicating, interacting, and managing relationships within the system to move towards the organization’s or the nation’s highest aspirations.

Workshop Objectives

  • Introduce to participants how NLP is applied in effective leadership
  • Develop skills in creating and communicating inspiring visions for the organization or nation
  • Hone the mindset and skills in managing and building relationships to get commitment from others to the change

Workshop Highlights

  • What is NLP?
  • The NLP Communication Model and presuppositions
  • Creating and communicating visions for the self and the organization.
  • A higher leadership competence
  • Motivating and influencing skills for the leader.
  • Coaching for results
  • A higher sense of mission
  • Alignment, congruence and integrity to the mission
  • Vision is essential but implementation is everything


2 Days

About The Facilitator

Zainal Abidin Rahman, B Sc, ACCA, MA (HRD), PhD Candidate.

Zainal is a trainer, consultant and coach who have trained and helped thousands of clients achieve “more competence, confidence and congruence” in their professional and personal lives.

He is equipped with an eclectic set of skills in NLP, Ericksonian hypnosis, Energy psychology, Solutions focus and Appreciative Inquiry which he brings to bear in his work with individuals and organizations. In a training and consulting career spanning more than two decades Zainal has facilitated thousands of workshops.

He has trained and consulted with major corporations in the region including the Citicorp group, Sony, Toshiba, NUS and Petronas.

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