Behaviour-Based Interview (BBI) – Make Your Interview Counts

Workshop Objectives

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Describe what constitutes a Behaviour Based Interview (BBI) and how it differs from Traditional Interview (TI)
  • Understand the hiring process and the interview steps
  • Use the Interview Assessment Form (TUV SUD PSB form)
  • Identify the competencies that are essential for success in conducting BBI
  • Formulate and ask effective, BBI questions
  • Practice BBI to motivate and maximise performance
  • Make better selection decisions by measuring the skills objectively instead of personality
  • Understand and apply the Tripartite guidelines on Fair Employment Practices (FEP) & its governing principles

Workshop Highlights

  • Introduction (includes discussion on Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices)
  • The Hiring Process – an overview
  • Interview Basics (includes Preparation, Interview proper, and Ending)
  • Competency Definition and the concept of KSA (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities)
  • Competency Categories (Leadership, Core, Functional)
  • A Glimpse of the Interview Assessment Form (TUV SUD PSB version)
  • The What, When, and Why of BBInterviewing
  • What is BBI?
  • How is BBI different from other interviewing styles?

Transitioning to BBI

  1. A) From the Interviewer Perspective
  • What Kind of Interviewer are you? – a self Assessment
  • Key Competencies – preparation of job description
  • Samples of Behavioural Based Questions
  • Building Behavioural Questions
  1. B) BBI – Interview Proper
  • Conducting a Behaviour-based Interview – using the STAR method
  • Effective Note-taking
  • Evaluation – Scoring System
  1. C) Handling Difficult Interviewing Situations – the BBI way
  • Slip, Silent, Bluff
  • The Story Teller
  • Candidate Can’t Provide Specific Examples
  • Unsuitable
  • BBI Challenges
  • Key Advantages of BBI


2 days


Lecture, Interactive Discussion, Movie clip, Role play, Case Study

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